Fool's Closet
Missing Tracks
Things I used to have on tape but have since disappeared.
A Wanking Cajun ChristmasIvor Biggun The Moral Majority 
ChuckySimon Stokes Music In Your SoupDisney
The Cocaine WaltzRobert Warren My GrillDuck Logic
Five Stars For OllieBill The Singing Patriot My Mommy Loves My DaddyBarnes & Barnes And John W. Christensen
Freeway CombatA Blast From The Past My Mummy's In A Jam 
   NicaraguaJose Gumbo & His Mariachi Mercenaries
Get Out Of My LaneGio & The Proteens No HopesLloyd Kandell
I Don't Believe You, Ollie NorthHollywood & Busted Ollie Be GoodFifth Amendment
Live PuppiesSuLu PopemobileJohn Bossman

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