Enjoy your exploration of the palace.

Have a look around, the rooms are open to all...

Sinister Lunch Meat -- (The Latest Dish)
The Throneroom -- (Genealogy Data & Information)
The Ballroom -- (Music Information, featuring the Music DB)
The Carriage House -- (Travel Reports & photos)
The Grianan -- (Crafts Information, featuring items for sale in Handmades)
The Radio Tower -- (Broadcasting Information, featuring the Hidden Treasures Playlist Archive)
The Fool's Closet -- (Comedy, Novelty, Dementia, Funny Stuff -- featuring the lists of tracks on my Dr. Demento tapes)
View the Palace Registry Archive: Part 1 Part 2

Other rooms scheduled for renovation in the future include:

The Banquet Hall -- (Gee, must be food...)
The Library -- (What else would you find here? Books!)
The Observatory -- (Science Fiction & Fantasy Stuff)
The Dungeon -- (Hmmm, what's in here?)
A Secret Passage -- (This will be for you to find out!)

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