Fool's Closet
The Dementia Papers

When I was first starting to make these tapes, I kept track of the songs on each tape on sheets of notebook paper, 1 sheet per tape. I eventually came to call this catalog the "papers" (for lack of a more imaginative name *g*). Each tape was sequentially numbered as I used it within a brand.

Over the years I ended up using several brands of tape. GMEMOREX stands for "Gold" Memorex tapes. When I got these, I already had the regular Memorex tapes, so I wanted to give the new ones a different "tapecode". The new ones had goldeny-yellow insert cards, hence the "G".

And there are no TDK 1, 2, or 3. I don't remember if I ever had them. Somehow they just got numbered that way and I never bothered to change it.

My memory escaped me for far too long. In Jan 2014, I recalled that I lent some tapes to a friend, and they subsequently were stolen from his locker. (This occurred when I was in high school.) I was justifiably upset at the loss of irreplaceable material, but there was nothing I could do about it. Just had to suck it up and deal with the aftermath. Then I guess over the years I completely forgot about the entire incident. But now during the research to reconstruct my early taping days, it's come back to me. At least now I feel a little less bad about wiping so much stuff. At least four (if not more) tapes-worth got killed, and it definitely wasn't my fault. Unless the fault was being too trusting... What was I thinking, letting originals out of my house?

So that statement above is wrong. There are portions of the list of missing material that can easily fill the space between MEM 3 and TDK 4. I can estimate some of what goes where even now, so I will add "the tapes that should have been" to this listing. But once I get the playlist data, then I can list for sure what I once had. For now, I'm going as close as I can for date-order. (And BOY will this be difficult with the patchy sections!)

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