The Tower
The Radio Tower, that is... Great view up here at the top of the Palace!

I'm interested in radio in two ways. I bought a shortwave radio in November 1996 because I thought it would be interesting. I was instantly transfixed by what I was able to hear from around the world. I also had a show on KBCH, the student radio station at CSULB, from October 1995 to September 1997. It was called Hidden Treasures, and was tons of fun.

Links To Radio Resources

95.5 KLOS, the home of the legendary Jim Ladd
I got to meet Cynthia Fox, another KLOS DJ, at the ABC Primetime Preview Weekend (Sep. 6 2003)
I won a jacket (and CD) from KLOS in 1992.
"Uncle Joe" Benson was on Arrow 93 FM, but now it's dead, and he's back on KLOS again!
I still have my signed six-pack set of his Record Guide books. Fantastic!
Radio Guide USA
Westwood One Radio Networks
Shortwave Radio Links
440 International Home Page

Have you got any great radio links? Let me know about them!

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