Fool's Closet
Artists & Tracks
Because this was such a long list (2000 tracks), I broke it up into many smaller files.
1000 Points Of Night-The Arrogant Worms Jump 'N The Saddle-Leon Redbone
Arsenio Hall-Big Daddy Graham Leonard Nimoy-Marvin The Paranoid Android
Big Daddy Meat Straw-Booger Man The Marx Brothers-Monty Python
Boots Walker-The Carlton Showband Morris Minor & The Majors-Paul Anderson
Carmen Miranda-The Coasters Paul Simineli-Ray Conrad
Commander Cody-Denny Dillon Ray Stevens-Rollo & Boliver
The Derelicks-Duck Logic Romanovsky & Phillips-Shaun Morey
Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre-Flip Wilson Sheb Wooley-Spike Jones
Flippy T. Fishead-Gabe Green Spike Jones Jr.-Terry Teene
Gabriel Kaplan-Harry Belafonte & Odetta Tex Williams-The Toons
Harry Chapin-Jackie Kannon Topical Tones-Wee Willie Small & His Little Band
The Jacoby Brothers-Joe Dolce 'Weird Al' Yankovic-Woody Guthrie
Joe Keefe-Julie Brown The Yacht Club Boys-Zoot Fenster

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