Sci-Fi/Fantasy Scarves
Dr. Who & Hogwarts gear

Handmade Hogwarts house scarves
They are 7" wide and 70" long.
Orders take approximately 3 weeks. Scarves are $30.00 each, plus $5 shipping.

Handmade Doctor Who scarves
Choose from both the original multicolored and the 1980 season versions.
Childrens are $30.00, Adults $50.00
Dr. Who scarves require a deposit and will take approx. 3 months for delivery.

Requests for scarves are filled in the order they are received. This could mean a possible extended wait time if there are many items in line already. (I'm not an octopus, I only have 2 hands! LOL)

Scarves are machine-washable acrylic or can also be made in wool or wool blends, cost will vary.


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