Travel Journal
Santorini & London -- April 1-16, 2004
Day 13 & 14

Day 13 -- Wednesday, April 13

A late start today, because we were so exhausted from the day before. And of course, the stops at the PO and internet cafe from Charing X, per usual. But after that, the day was all for me and what I wanted to see. (Yippee!) I may never get the chance to go to shows inside them, but at the very least I wanted to see with my own eyes a bunch of the concert venues my favorite bands have played in. So back in the station, we took the Piccadilly Line to Gloucester Road station (grabbed something for lunch on the way outside, which I thought would be smart). It turned out to be quite a hike up Gloucester Rd itself to Kensington Road, where we found a nice 'Public Convenience'. It had pink TP that seemed like crepe paper (I felt like I was decorating something...) and pull-chain tanks. (Pardon me for sounding like a dork, but I've just never seen one of those before!)

Following that break, we continued down the street until we'd found what I wanted. (Heck, you couldn't miss it!) There in front of us was the gorgeous and massive Royal Albert Hall. After years of listening to concerts recorded within its walls, it was incredible to be standing right outside it. Hunger set in, so we sat on the steps of the Albert Memorial and ate our little sandwiches. From this distance it was much easier to get full shots of the Hall. There was restoration work being done on the Memorial. This didn't make for nice-looking pictures, but we took them anyways.

Now done with this location, we reversed our trek to return to the station, but with one stop along the way. We'd spotted a Mail Boxes Etc. the first time, and thought to take a look on the way back. It was a good idea, as we were able to fax the cancellation of the 1-night Athens hotel, which had been impossible to do by phone or email. (Our request had been refused as being SPAM, of all things, and no one ever answered the telephone!) So, feeling much better about things, we got back to the station and on to our next location. Still riding the Piccadilly Line, we got out at Earl's Court station. And of course, went out the wrong set of doors and had to walk around the block so I could see and photograph the building. It's sooo blasted BIG I had to split it in two shots. That done, we just walked in the doors behind us and got the next train to the third destination.

We got off at Hammersmith station and walked through a little mall to an exit at the other end. This time, I wanted what used to be the Hammersmith Odeon, then apparently became the Hammersmith Apollo, and is currently the London Apollo. All the different signage showed me the name changes. Shame though, I rather like the original name. It was a bit weird though, standing under the Hammersmith Flyover so I could take pictures of a concert hall. Yet again, another large edifice that had to be done in multiple shots.

Once that was done, we wandered through that little mall looking at the stores. I got a cute little Tigger & Pooh double-charm for my new phone at the Disney store. (They also had some cute Pooh mini-beans in styles we hadn't seen before, being that they were very British Isles-specific.) A few stores down was a discount stationery/office supply shop that was just what I needed. I got 3 binders & a set of sheet protectors for BMD certificates at a great price! (For Paul's mom's family research that I've been working on.) That blasted A4 paper just doesn't fit in the regular ones I have at home, and the edges had gotten a bit ragged. I was so glad to get the proper containers for them, and in my budget, too!

We decided to take a new way back home for variety's sake, so we got on the Hammersmith & City Line to the Baker St. station, then a usual Jubilee to London Bridge station. When we got on the platform for the NR train, it was raining. By the time we got off at Hither Green, it wasn't anymore. Love those pinpoint rainclouds! Dinner was lovely -- Bangers & mash. Damn, that was yummy! (A family friend made that for my and my sister years ago, which had been good, as were the ones we had at the club a couple years ago. But nothing beats the real thing...) We'd covered a lot of ground in one day, so we were tired and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Day 14 -- Thursday, April 14

The next day was a mixed bag of things we hadn't seen yet.

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