Why Sinister Lunch Meat?
Reasons & History

The History of Sinister Lunch Meat

Oh let's see, where to begin...

If you visit the Fool's Closet, you'll see that I have a (moderately-sized) collection of tapes made from the Dr. Demento Show. Among the many things I taped was a track called Sinister Lunch Meat (Stoney Baloney) by Dr. Zingrr (Robert O. Smith). In the summer of 1994, I needed to to choose a new title for the entries I was writing for the APA that The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles put out every month. I started writing in October 1992, and every year after that I thought it would be fun to change the look, identity, and title for a nice change. It gave me a little zing to write in a new 'format' each year. So anyways...

This time I thought I'd dig through the Dementia DB (as it stood at the time) and pick out things that I thought might make a good title for me to use. Somewhere I might still have the list I made that day, but I don't have any idea where it could be right now. I considered a few options, but finally settled on this title. It turned out that I liked it so much, I kept it an extra year! After that, though, it was time to retire it and move on to something else.

Now we go forward 3 titles and several years in time... I started thinking about another new APA title, and also about having my own website. But what would I call it? My mind drifted towards names I'd used in the past. And Sinister Lunch Meat stuck out once again and was the winner, and is now the domain you're viewing this page from. It may sound a little strange, but I like it. It grabs your attention (at least *I* think so), and hopefully sticks in your memory.

So thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the rest of my website!

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