Fool's Closet
Artists & Tracks
('Weird Al' Yankovic-Woody Guthrie)
62'Weird Al' Yankovic
YAmish Paradise
YAnother One Rides The Bus
YBedrock Anthem
YBohemian Polka
YBuckingham Blues
YCavity Search
YChristmas At Ground Zero
YDare To Be Stupid
YDog Eat Dog
YEat It
YEverything You Know Is Wrong
YFrank's 2000" TV
YGeneric Blues
YGeorge Of The Jungle
YGood Old Days
YHappy Birthday
YHeadline News
YHey, Ricky
YHot Rocks Polka
YI Can't Watch This
YI Lost On Jeopardy
YI Love Rocky Road
YI Think I'm A Clone Now
YI Want A New Duck
YI'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead (Demo)
YIt's Still Billy Joel To Me
YJurassic Park (The Bilingual Mix)
YLike A Surgeon
YLivin' In The Fridge
YLiving With A Hernia
YMidnight Star
YMoney For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
YMr. Frump In The Iron Lung
YMy Bologna (Capitol Single Version)
YNature Trail To Hell
YOne More Minute
YPhony Calls
YPolka Party
YPolka Your Eyes Out
YShe Drives Like Crazy
YSince You've Been Gone
YSlime Creatures From Outer Space
YSmells Like Nirvana
YStop Draggin' My Car Around
YStop Draggin' My Car Around (Demo)
YStuck In A Closet With Vanna White
YThe Alternative Polka
YThe Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota
YThe Brady Bunch
YThe Check's In The Mail
YThe School Cafeteria
YThis Song Is Just Six Words Long
YTrigger Happy
YWhen I Was Your Age
YYoda (Demo)
YYou Don't Love Me Anymore
1'Weird Al' Yankovic & Wendy Carlos
YCarnival Of The Animals -- Part 2
2Wesley Willis
YPink Floyd
YVampire Bat
11Whimsical Will
YA Day In The Life-A Beatle Rap
YHacker's Rap
YHittin' Bedrock
YSt. George And The Internet
YThe Record Rap
NThe Rock Rap
YThe Rock Rap Part II
YThe Tongue-Twister Twist
YTwas The Night Before Christmas
YYou Can Play My Sega
1White Noise
YHere Come The Fleas
1White Noise Radio Theatre
YCan I Do It 'Til I Need Glasses?
3Who, The
YBoris The Spider
YCobwebs And Strange
5Wild Man Fischer
YGo To Rhino Records
YMy Name Is Larry
YOutside The Hospital
YReal Cool Cowboy
1Wild Man Fischer & Dr. Demento
YI'm A Christmas Tree
1Will Durst
YStrange Bedfellows: Comedy & Politics (excerpt)
1Williams & Ree
YThe Ding Dong Song
1Wolfman Jack
YOld Man River
YHappy, That's Me
2Woody Allen
YThe Moose
1Woody Guthrie
YThe Car Song

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