Fool's Closet
Artists & Tracks
(Topical Tones-Wee Willie Small & His Little Band)
1Topical Tones
YNome For The Holidays
1Toy Dolls, The
YNellie The Elephant
1Toyes, The
YMonster Hash
1Travellers, The
YTie Me Surferboard Down
2Travesty Ltd.
YDwayne Stomp Drinking/Driving PSA
YRock And Roll Doctor
1Travis Meyer
YThe Devil Went To Jamaica
1Travis Shredd & The Good Ol' Homeboys
YDie In A Flaming Car Crash
1Trollish Tunes
YOi! Dat's My Leg!
3Trout Fishing In America
YThe Daycare Blues
YThe Window
YWhen I Was A Dinosaur
1Try 5 (Featuring Mike & Bud)
YWrapping The Bear
1Tubes, The
YAttack Of The Fifty Foot Woman
1Tucker, Nancy
YEverything Reminds Me Of My Therapist
1Tuff Darts
YYour Love Is Like Nuclear Waste
1Tune Wranglers, The
YMy Freckle-Faced Consumptive Sarah Jane
1Two Live Nurse
YGirl With Emphysema
1Two White Crew
YI Loot L.A.
YThis Is Ponderous
3Uncle Bonsai
YCheerleaders On Drugs
YCheerleaders On Drugs
YPenis Envy
1Uncle Lumpy
YLittle Orley And The Bubble Gum
1Uncle Smoky
YOh Boy Do I Love Bears
1Uncle Vic
YSpace Invaders
1Uninvited, The
YSuccessful Vegetarian
1Unknown Cartoon Music
1Utah Phillips
YMoose Turd Pie
3Utensils, The
YButtkickers From Outerspace
YHand Music
1Vacant Lot, The
1Van Halen
YBig Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
1Vapors, The
YTurning Japanese
3Various Artists
YCities Medley
YDance Lesson Montage
YRingo Medley
1Vaughn Meader
YWork Song
1Vic Mizzy
YTheme From "The Addams Family"
1Victor Banana Band, The
YHere Comes Santa
2Victor Borge
YInflationary Language
YThe Blue Danube Waltz
1Victor Buono
YFat Man's Prayer
1Vince Vance and The Valiants
YBomb Bomb Iran
1Vinnie Zipperton
YLovin' Me
1Vivian Stanshall & The Sean Head Showband (W/Eric Clapton)
YLabio-Dental Fricative
1Vivian Stanshall (W/Steve Winwood)
YThe Rub
1Waitresses, The
YChristmas Wrapping
1Wall Of Voodoo
YMexican Radio
1Wally Cox
YThere Is A Tavern In The Town
9Wally Pleasant
YBad Haircut
YBad Haircut (Live)
YBad Kid Show Host
YLove Is... (Live)
YShe's Addicted To Clothes
YSong For Bob Dylan
YStupid Day Job
YYou Shook Me All Night Long (Live)
1Wally Wingert & The Caped Club
YAdam West
1Walt Kelly
YGo Go Pogo
1Warren Zevon
YWerewolves Of London
1Washboard Sam
YI'm Gonna Keep My Hair Parted
1Watergate Seven, The
YThe Watergate Comedy Hour
1Wavy Gravy
YGreen Acid At Woodstock
1Wayne Faust
YBlind Date
1Weavers, The
YThe Frozen Logger
1Wee Willie Small & His Little Band
YTall People

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