Fool's Closet
Artists & Tracks
1Timelords, The
YDoctorin' The Tardis
1Tiny Hill & His Orchestra
YMust Have Been Something I Et
2Todd Rundgren
YBang On The Drum All Day
1Todd Snider
YMy Generation (Part 2)
3Tom 'T-Bone' Stankus
YExistential Blues
YExistential Blues Part Too?
YK-Mart Blues
1Tom Chapin
4Tom Dark
YCap'n Hate
YYum-Yum Tree, The
1Tom Glazer
YWhy Does The Sun Shine?
1Tom Glazer & The Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus
23Tom Lehrer
YBe Prepared (Live)
YBright College Days (Live)
YChristmas Carol
YElements (Live), The
YFight Fiercely, Harvard (Live)
YHunting Song (Orchestral), The
YI Hold Your Hand In Mine (Studio)
YIn Old Mexico (Live)
YIrish Ballad (Live), The
YMasochism Tango (Orchestral), The
YMy Home Town (Live)
YOedipus Rex (Live)
YPoisoning Pigeons In The Park (Orchestral)
YS-N (Snore, Sniff, And Sneeze)
YShe's My Girl (Live)
YSilent E
YThat's Mathematics
YVatican Rag, The
YWe Will All Go Together When We Go (Live)
YWe Will All Go Together When We Go (Orchestral)
YWho's Next?
6Tom Paxton
YForest Lawn
YI Lost My Heart On A 747
YIs This Any Way To Run An Airline?
YOne Million Lawyers
YTalking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues
NThank You, Republic Airlines
1Tom Shannon
YSuper Nerd Meets Carjacker
1Tom T. Hall
YI Like Beer
2Tom Waits
YPiano Has Been Drinking (Not Me), The
YStep Right Up
1Tommy Cooper
YDon't Jump Off The Roof, Dad
1Tommy Sharp & The Sharptones
YThey Don't Make Nun Names (Like That No More)
1Tompall Glaser
YPut Another Log On The Fire (The Chauvinist National Anthem)
1Tonio K.
YHow Come I Can't See You In My Mirror?
1Tony & Nick
YMummy Doesn't Live Here Anymore (The Chicken Song)
1Tony Burello
YThere's A New Sound
2Toons, The
YPunk Polka
YRoast Chicken Faces
1Topical Tones
YNome For The Holidays
1Toy Dolls, The
YNellie The Elephant
1Toyes, The
YMonster Hash
1Travellers, The
YTie Me Surfer Board Down, Sport
2Travesty, Ltd.
YDwayne Stomp Drinking/Driving Psa
YRock And Roll Doctor
1Travis Meyer
YDevil Went To Jamaica, The
1Travis Shredd & The Good Ol' Homeboys
YDie (In A Flaming Car Crash)
4Tremley, Milo
YKick Ass USA
YMountains Of Montana, The
YPork Chop
YRoad Kill
2Tri 5 F/Mike & Bud (Mike Elliott & Bud Latour)
YRock Me Jerry Lewis
YWrappin' The Bear
1Trollish Tunes
YOi! Dat's My Leg!
3Trout Fishing In America
YDaycare Blues, The
YWhen I Was A Dinosaur
YWindow, The
1Tubes, The
YAttack Of The Fifty Foot Woman
1Tucker, Nancy
YEverything Reminds Me Of My Therapist
1Tuff Darts
Y(Your Love Is Like) Nuclear Waste
1Tune Wranglers, The
Y(My Freckle-Faced) Consumptive Sarah Jane
1TV Soundtrack
NJetsons Theme
1Two Live Nurse
YGirl With Emphysema
1Two White Crew
YI Loot L.A.
3Uncle Bonsai
YCheerleaders On Drugs
YCheerleaders On Drugs
YPenis Envy
1Uncle Lumpy W/Fred Waring & His Pennsylvanians
YLittle Orley And The Bubble Gum
1Uncle Smoky
YOh Boy, Do I Love Bears
1Uncle Vic
YSpace Invaders
1Uninvited, The
YSuccessful Vegetarian
1Unknown Cartoon Music
YScooby Doo/Underdog Themes (Excerpts
1Utah Phillips
YMoose Turd Pie
3Utensils, The
YButtkickers From Outer Space
YDr. D
YHand Music

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