Fool's Closet
Artists & Tracks
(Steve Allen-Time Masheen)
3Steve Allen
YHow Will The Average Person Spend Thanksgiving?
NImpossible (The Laughing Trumpet)
YMouth To Mouth Resuscitation
1Steve Dahl & Teenage Radiation
2Steve Goodman
YChicken Cordon Blues
YVegematic Song, The
1Steve Kehela
YName Dropper
1Steve Lisenby
YSwedish Western, The
4Steve Martin
YCat Handcuffs
YCruel Shoes
NExcuse Me
YMad At My Mother
1Steve Martin & The Toot Uncommons
YKing Tut
1Steve Martin (W/Bill Murray)
1Steve Wahl & The Hydrants
YDoggy Doo
1Steven Banks
YRock And Roll R.I.P.
5Steven Wright
YGift Wrapping (Comic Relief III/1989 Excerpt)
YIce/Dog Stay
YTattoo Of Me But Taller (Comic Relief II Exceprt)
5Stevens & Grdnic
YCommercials On 45
YCubic Refugee
YExercise 'Til You Die
YFast Food
YMr. Wizard And Timmy
1Stewart Brothers
YSleep On The Porch
1Story Sisters, The
YBad Motorcycle (Wooden Wooden)
1Strangely Brown
YGirls Don't Fart
1Stray Cats
YWild Saxaphone
1Stu Mitchell
YPlexiglas Toilet
3Sudden Death
YI'm Bored
YSilicon Valley
YSouth Park Junkie
YGeorgia Frontiere
YHarry, The Toothless Vampire
YI Don't Like
NLive Puppies
YLocked In The Closet With You
YTwenty Years Of Demento
1Surfaris, The
NSurfer Joe
1Susan Christie
YI Love Onions
1Suzy & The Dentists
YDo You Do You Brush Your Teeth?
1Sweet Violet Boys, The
YMan Who Comes Around, The
1T.K. & The Cigar Band
YSmokers' Anthem, The
1Tabbynacle Choir, The
YCaterwaul Of The Bells
1Tales From The Crypt F/John Kassir
YDeck The Halls With Parts Of Charlie
2Ted Knight
YHi Guys
YMr Custer
1Teevee Toons Master Mix, The
YJane, Get Me Off This Crazy Thing
1Temple City Kazoo Orchestra, The
YWhole Lotta Love
1Terri O'Mason
YCup Cakes
1Terry McGovern
YBeam Me Up, Scotty
1Terry Noland
YThere Was A Fungus Among Us
1Terry Teene
YCurse Of The Hearse
3Tex Williams
YDowntown Poker Club
YSmoke! Smoke! Smoke! '68
YSmoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)
1The Brat (Roger Kitter)
NChalk Dust (The Umpire Strikes Back)
1The Duncan Guy Band
1The Flintstones Original TV Soundtrack
YSplit-Level Cave
1The Kirby Stone Four Featuring Ed Sullivan - Boy Singer
YIt's A Really Big Show Tonight
1Theodore Bikel
YAway With Rum
1Therapy Sisters, The
YHappy Whatever You're Having
7They Might Be Giants
YBirdhouse In Your Soul
YDoctor Worm
YIstanbul (Not Constantinople)
YParticle Man
YSanta's Beard
YWe Want A Rock
1Think (F/Lou Stalllman)
YOnce You Understand
1Think Twice
1Thomas Gauthier
YBar Trek
1Thorndike Pickledish Pacifist Choir, The
YWalter Wart, The Freaky Frog
1Those Darn Accordians
YWe're An Accordian Band
1Three Haircuts, The (Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Howie Morris)
YYou Are So Rare To Me
1Three Penny Opera
NArmy Song
10Tim Cavanagh
Y99 Dead Baboons
NDead Hampster
YGet Drunk With Dignity
YI Wanna Kiss Her
YIn 1492 Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blues
YJohn Shalikashvili
YLet's Have A Drug Free Christmas
NMuskrat Gloves
YNewt Or Bob
YUkrainian Uranium Bread
1Tim Curry
YSweet Transvestite
1Time Masheen
YBig Black Bird

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