Fool's Closet
Artists & Tracks
(Lucia Pamela-Montezuma's Revenge)
1Lucia Pamela
YWalking On The Moon
1Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz
YPeter Piper
1Lucille Ball & Red Skelton
1Lucille Ball (W/Groucho Marx & Johnny Weissmuller)
YLucy's Job Interview
1Mac Davis
YBeer Drinkin' Song, The
1MacLean & MacLean
YLittle Toot
YI'm Going Bananas
YWhat Is Lissa Walking?
1Marathons, The
YPeanut Butter
1Marc Wirtz
YManiac Vs. Brainiac
1Marian Weissman
YRobbie's Barmitzvah
1Marilyn Robertson
YNun's Story, The
1Marilyn Rucker
YSnot Nosed Rag
1Mark Fitchett Orchestra F/Dick Dow, The
YLed Zeppelin Reunion Tour - Vegas '99
1Mark McCollum
YReggae Popeye
1Mark Pirro & The Pirromount Pictures Orchestra & Chorus F/Joyce Mordoh
YNudist Colony Of The Dead
1Mark Young
NSounds Of Sinus (1988 Version), The
1Mark Zydiak
YFrosty The Dope Man
1Marlene Dietrich & Rosemary Clooney
YToo Old To Cut The Mustard
1Martin Azevedo
YDay And Nitrous
1Martin Chambers (The Pretenders)
YA Swift One
6Martin Mull
YDancing In The Nude
YDueling Tubas
YStraight Talk About The Blues
YUkelele Blues
1Marty Feldman
YGreat Bell, The
1Marvin Miller W/Marty Gold & His Orchestra
YFox In Socks
3Marvin The Paranoid Android
YMarvin, I Love You
NReasons To Be Miserable
1Marx Brothers, The
YEveryone Says "I Love You"
3Mason Williams
YThem Dog Kickers
YThem Moose Goosers
YThem Toad Suckers
1Max Gringo
YA Donde Esta El Bano
1Max Splodge
YBicycle Seat
7Mel Blanc
YBig Bear Lake
YDaffy Duck's Rhapsody
YE.I.O. Song, The
YI Love Me
YI Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat
YPolly, Pretty Polly
YYosemite Sam
2Mel Brooks
YFrench Mistake, The
YSpringtime For Hitler
1Mendi Segal W/Schtillson & Govatinberg
YGo Shopping
1Mercedes Lackey
NOklahoma Weed Whacker Massacre
2Meri Wilson
YPeter The Meter Reader
YTelephone Man
1Merry Macs, The
YMairzy Doats
2Meryn Cadell
YFlight Attendant
YSweater, The
1Michael Collins
YJar Song, The
1Michael H. Price
YNose Pickin'
1Michael James
YBradley The Brown-Nosed Reindeer
1Michael Longcor
NWrite Romantically
1Midnighters, The
YAnnie Had A Baby
1Mike & Maggie
NWasn't That A Mighty Day (When The Needle Hit The Ground)?
1Mike Agranoff
YMy Favorite Diseases
1Mike Condello
YObese Man
3Mike Cross
YApp. Rap
YDead Willie Blues
YWhiskey 'Fore Breakfast/Sailor's Bonnet
1Mike Farrow
YOne Ton Tomato
1Mike Gruhn
YGroceries Came To Life, The
1Mike Nichols & Elaine May
YA Little More Gauze
1Mike Russo, Jeanne Hayes, The Dellwoods
YShe Got A Nose Job
1Mike Snider
YFur Coat
1Mike Stewart
Y$500 For Three Stitches
1Milo Bobbins & The Budget Boys
YCondoms For Christmas
1Milton Berle
YIt's My Basketball Nose
1Mindless Drug Hoover
YReefer Song
1Minnie Mouse
YWhatta Mouse
1Mister Murray
YWhatever Happened To Music?
1Modern Entertainment
YThorazine Shuffle
1Mojo Nixon
YTrim Yo' Tree
3Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper
YDebbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child
YElvis Is Everywhere (Edited Version)
NWash No Dishes No More
1Mona Abboud
YPretty Little Dolly, The
2Monkees, The
NTeeny Tiny Gnome
YYour Auntie Grizelda
1Montezuma's Revenge
YLooney Tune

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