Fool's Closet
Artists & Tracks
(John Kruth-Kinky Friedman)
2John Kruth
YLove's Funeral Home
YWorld's Worst Roommate, The
1John Kubilus
YSmall Brown Hill
10John Mammoser
YBathroom On The Right
YDepeche Commode, The
YJagger At 49
YMother's Day #3
YMy Girlfriend Is Inflatable
YRoot Canal
YTexas Shakespearean Chainsaw Massacre, The
YVanna White
2John Prine
YDear Abby
YLet's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian
1John Ryan
YMustache Song, The
1John Sirkis
YBorn To Be Wired
1John Svetke
YI Wanna Be A Cheerleader
1John Townley
YTo Anacreon In Heaven
1John W. Christensen
YI Get Weird
1Johnny & The Leisure Suits F/ Jonathan Brandmeier
YMoo-Moo Song (Live), The
1Johnny Baltimore
YHot Nuts
1Johnny Bond
YHot Rod Lincoln
6Johnny Cash
YA Boy Named Sue
YBoa Constrictor
YDirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog
YEverybody Loves A Nut
YMan Who Couldn't Cry, The
NOne On The Right Is On The Left, The
1Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Three
YOne Piece At A Time
1Johnny Fuller
YHaunted House
1Johnny Legend
YTeenage Caveman
1Johnny Otis Show W/Marci Lee, The
YCastin' My Spell
1Johnny Paycheck
YColorado Cool-Aid
2Johnny Standley
YGet Out And Vote
YIt's In The Book
1Jona Lewie
YStop The Cavalry
3Jonathan Richman
NBeach, The
NCalifornia Desert Party
NWhen Harpo Played His Harp
1Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
NAbominable Snowman In The Market
2Jonathan Winters
YFlying Saucer
YUsed Pet Shop
YDur Dur D'Etre Bebe! (It's Tough To Be A Baby)
1Jose Gumbo & His Mariachi Mercenaries
1Jud Strunk
YBiggest Parakeets In Town, The
1Judy Henske
NSalvation Army Song
1Judy Marshall W/ Banana & The Bunch
YPiccolo Song, The
7Julie Brown
YCause I'm A Blonde
YCause I'm A Blonde (Live At Just For Laughs '89)
YEarth Girls Are Easy
YGirl Fight Tonight
YHomecoming Queen's Got A Gun, The
YI Like 'Em Big And Stupid
YWays To Save Money At Christmas
1Jump 'N The Saddle
YCurly Shuffle, The
1Jumpin' Gene Simmons
YHaunted House
1Jumpin' John Goldsmith
YYou're Still Not Safe In A Japanese Car
1K97 Looney Tunes
YElevator To Men's Wear
1Kathy Savoie
YSanta's Sheets
1Kay Francis
YMovie Rentin' Momma
1Kay Kyser
NThree Little Fishes
1Kay Kyser & His Orchestra
YA Zoot Suit (For My Sunday Girl)
1Kay Kyser's Kampus Kowboys
YWhen Veronica Plays The Harmonica, Down On The Beach At Santa Monica
2Kel M. Crum
YRain Forrest
YRock And Roll Screams
2Ken Johnson & Jim Tofte
YGive Me The Carcass Of Ernie Banks
YWe Are The Worms
3Ken Nordine
YHunger Is From
YVidiot, The
YWhat Time Is It?
1Kenny Bowers
YWeach For Da Wafters, Santa
1Kenny Hollywood
YEat Me, I'm A Danish
1Kenny Solms & Gail Parent
YBoys' Room, The
3Kenny Young & The Eggplants
YEddie's Apartment
YMommy Is A Lawyer
YToxic Swamp
1Kermit The Frog (Jim Henson)
YBein' Green
1Kevin Mare
YStar Wars Vs. Santa Claus
YChinese If You Please
1Killer Pussy
YTeenage Enema Nurses In Bondage
2King Missile
YDetachable Penis
YJesus Was Way Cool
1King Perry & The Pied Pipers
YAnimal Song, The
1Kingsmen, The
YJolly Green Giant, The
4Kingston Trio, The
YM. T. A.
YMerry Minuet, The
YThree Jolly Coachmen, The
YZombie Jamboree
1Kinky Friedman
YHomo Erectus
1Kinky Friedman (W/Eric Clapton)
YOld Ben Lucas

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