Fool's Closet
Artists & Tracks
(Jeff Foxworthy-John Hartford)
2Jeff Foxworthy
YParty All Night With Little Texas And Scoutt Rouse
YRedneck Stomp
1Jeff Nauman & Pigs On Corn
YThey're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaaaa!
1Jeff Nelson & Dan Daniels
YPee Wee From Hell
2Jerky Boys, The
YPunitive Damages
YUncle Freddie
1Jerry & The Landslides
YGet Off Of My Roof
1Jerry Cannan
NRandolph, The Flat-Nosed Reindeer
3Jerry Clower
YMarcell's Talkin' Chain Saw
YNewgene And The Lion
YSteel Marbles
1Jerry Colonna
YEbb Tide
1Jerry Colonna & His San Fernando Valley Pals
YCowpasture Polka (Lift Your Feet, Lift Yout Feet, Lift Your Feet)
1Jerry Lee Lewis
YMeat Man
3Jerry Lewis
YI'm A Little Busybody
YNever Smile At A Crocodile
YSunday Driving
1Jerry Mahoney & Paul Winchell
YWhen You Come To The End Of A Lollipop
1Jerry McCain
1Jerry Percio
YLet's Get Fiscal
2Jerry Reed
YAnother Puff
YWhen You're Hot, You're Hot
2Jerry Samuels
YCan You Dig It?
YI Owe A Lot To Iowa Pot
2Jerry Seinfeld
NCanadian Customs
YCheckout Lines
1Jesse Bruce
YGobble Song, The
2Jesse Goldberg
YWhite Spots
1Jesse Lee Turner
YLittle Space Girl, The
2Jim Backus
YDirty Old Man, The
YI Need A Vacation
1Jim Backus & Friend
1Jim Belushi & The Sacred Hearts
YSmokin' Blues
1Jim Burrill
YDoctor, The
1Jim Copp And Ed Brown
YMiss Goggins & The Gorilla
1Jim Fontano
YI Love You
3Jim Infantino
YButthead (Live)
YStress (Live)
2Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band
YCircus Song, The
YNever Swat A Fly
2Jim Samuels
YIf Cars Could Talk
YJim's Guide To Road Signs
2Jim Stafford
YCow Patti
YWildwood Weed
1Jim's Big Ego
1Jimmy Castor Bunch, The
YTroglodyte (Cave Man)
1Jimmy Cross
YI Want My Baby Back
1Jimmy Dean
NI Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake (But I'll Go Chasin' Wimmin)
1Jimmy Tingle
YIllegal Aliens
2Jingle Cats, The
YAngels We Have Heard On High
YJingle Bells
1Jingle Dogs (W/The Jingle Cats), The
YJingle Bells Boogie, The
1JJ & The WRIF Morning Crew (W/Dick The Bruiser)
YBeer Frame
1Joe Business
YTalk Like A Politician
2Joe Dolce
YAin't No U.F.O. Gonna Catch My Diesel
YShaddap You Face
2Joe Keefe
YSomeone's Out To Do Me In
YWet And Naked
1Joel Mabus
YHitler Was A Vegetarian
1Joey Cheezhee & His Apostles Of Lounge
YWhole Lotta Love Boat
1Joey Skidmore
YButt Steak
1John "The Cool Ghoul" Zacherle
YDinner With Drac
1John & Ernest
YSuperfly Meets Shaft
1John & Yoko' (From Private Eye Magazine)
NTake Off Your Clothes!
1John Belushi
YLonely At The Bottom Of The Barrel
1John Biggs
YSend Me To Glory In A Glad Bag
1John Bird (As Idi Amin)
YAmazin' Man
1John Blanchard & Misty Morgan
YTennessee Bird Walk, The
1John Bossmann
1John Bro's
Y(Number II)
1John Carter, Dan Bammes & The Dawn Patrol Of Rock
YBallad Of The Flying Dutchman
1John Cleese & Connie Booth
1John Cleese & Jonathan Lynn
YPenultimate Supper?!, The
1John Couger Mammoser
Y9 Coronas (Original Version)
1John F. Kennedy
Y"Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country..."
4John Forster
YBig Mac Tree, The
YEntering Marion
YIn The Closet
YZipper Song, The
4John Hartford
YAll-Collision, All-Explosion Song, The
YDon't Leave Your Records In The Sun
YSexual Harassment

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