Fool's Closet
Artists & Tracks
(Frantics-Happy Schnapps Combo)
14Frantics, The
YCar Noises
YComputer Salesman
YGas Station Washroom
YHeaven Is For Presbyterians
YHuman Race, The
YI Shot Bambi's Mother
YLast Will And Temperament
YMake Up Dirty Words
YRoman Numerals
YTi Kwan Leep/Boot To The Head
YYou People Are Fat
YYou Scare The Shit Out Of Me
YYou Were Speeding
1Fred Allen
YWe Don't Need A Television
1Fred Astaire
YMartini, The
1Fred Schneider & The Shake Society
1Fred Stoller
YThrill Seeker
1Freddy Martin & His Orchestra (W/Merv Griffin)
YI've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts
1Freddy Martin (Vocal: Stuart Wade & Ensemble)
NManagua, Nicaragua
1Free At Last
YRadio Talk Show Host
1Free Hot Lunch!
YHymn #694
1Fresh Pirates, The
YI Killed Santa
1Fun With Animals
YGoin' To Pasadena
YHappy Sex
1Gabe Green
YIce Age Baby
2Gabriel Kaplan
YEd Sullivan, Ed Sullivan (A Television Fantasy)
YUp Your Nose
1Garry Lee & Showdown
YRodeo Song, The
1Gary Burbank W/Band McNally
YWho Shot JR?
1Gary Muller
YMy Name Is Not Merv Griffin
1Gary Worden
YReal Cool Yule
1Gayla Peevey
YI Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas (Hippo The Hero)
1Gefilte Joe & The Fish
YWalk On The Kosher Side
1Gene Moss
YShrimpenstein Theme
1Gene Moss (The Four Vampires)
YI Want To Bite Your Hand
1Gene Sullivan
YPlease Pass The Biscuits
1Gene Wilder & Peter Boyle (From "Young Frankenstein")
YPuttin' On The Ritz
4George Carlin
YBaseball & Football
YCars & Driving
YIce Box Man
YRed Lights And Tickets
1George Formby
YSwimmin' With The Wimmin'
1George Gobel
YAre You A Turtle?
1George Smilovici
YI'm Tuff
1George Uetz
YMusic, Sex And Cookies
1Georgia Tom Dorsey & Jane Lucas
YTerrible Operation Blues, The
1Georgie's Tavern Band
YHe Put In A Bar In The Back Of His Car
1Gerard Hoffnung
YSurprise Symphony
1Gerry House
YMy Jeans Are Too Tight
1Gilda Radner
YLet's Talk Dirty To The Animals
1Gilda Radner & Chevy Chase
YEmily Litella
1Gio & The Proteens
NGet Out Of My Lane
1Glencoves, The
YIt's Sister Ginny's Turn To Throw The Bomb
3Glenn Super
NBaby Zone, The
NRent-A-Car Song
NSometimes Mother Nature Can Be Cruel
1Gloria Balsam
1Go-Jos, The
YI'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek
1Godley & Creme
YSnack Attack
1Gold Coast Singers, The
YPlastic Jesus
1Gonzo Garage Gods, The
YBabysitter Blues, The
1Goodies, The
YA Man's Best Friend Is His Duck
1Goodtime Washboard Three
3Goons, The
YI'm Walking Backwards For Christmas
YRaspberry Song, The
YYing Tong Song, The
1Grateful Dead
NOh, Mommy
1Great Luke Ski, The
YKenny Was A Kid From South Park
1Green Jelly
YThree Little Pigs
1Green Jellö
NAnarchy In Bedrock
1Greg Keeler
YTalking Interface Blues
1Groanups, The
YIt's Christmas
3Groove Handle
YDarlin' Sweet Oblivia
YRoss 3:16
3Groucho Marx
NDr. Hackenbush
YHooray For Captain Spaulding
YLydia The Tattooed Lady
4Guns N' Moses
YEat Too Much
YRadio Shack
YThey Drive Me Brady
YWe Love Barney Fife
1Gus Arnheim & His Orchestra
YYou Can Have It, I Don't Want It, Daylight Saving Time (Bit)
1Guy Clark
YHomegrown Tomatoes
1Guy Marks
YLoving You Has Made Me Bananas
1H. P. Lovecraft
YThe Time Machine
1Ham Sandwich
YSquishy Love
1Hank, Stu, Dave & Hank
YMy Dead Dog Rover
1Hans Reichel
YLe Bal
3Happy Schnapps Combo, The
YHarley-Davidson Polka
YLovely Things Waltz, The
YNo, I Don't Wanna Do Dat

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