Fool's Closet
Artists & Tracks
(Elvira-Frankie Yankovic)
YMonsta' Rap, The
YZombie Stomp
3Emo Philips
YAnimal Square Dance, The
YDowntown Downers Grove
YWhy Our Family Is Nice (Excerpt About The Library)
1Emperor, The
YI'm Normal
1Employees, The
YThey're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaaaa!
1Engineer Bill
YRed Light - Green Light
1Eric Houg
YBush Clinton Interviews
2Eric Idle & Neil Innes
YProtest Song
1Ernie (Jim Henson)
YRubber Duckie
1Escorts, The
1Extras, The
YCircular Impression
1Fairfax Ghettoblasters
YFamous Jews
YCloud Nine Motel
2Father Guido Sarducci
Y200 Candles
YA Medley Of Beatles' Tunes
1Fats Waller
NChristopher Columbus
2Faust & Lewis
YBald Guys
YSave The Beer
1Felix Figueroa & His Orchestra
YPico And Sepulveda
1Feo Y Loco
YLiving In America
1Fibs, The
YParty In The Parkin' Lot
1Fifth Amendment
NOllie Be Good
6Firesign Theatre
YBear Whiz Beer
YEyeballs In The Sky/Us Plus: Pork
YHigh School Madness!
YHolygram's Song/I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus, The
YMiss Shelob's Feeling Poorly/Unconscious Village: Last Days Sale/Mr. Coffee Comes Up Zeros/Glacier
YTrippple Ripppoff/Night Whispers
2Firm, The
YStar Trekkin'
NStar Trekkin' (Extended Version)
1Five Blobs, The
YThe Blob
3Flanders & Swann
Y20 Tons Of TNT
NMadeira, M'Dear
YReluctant Cannibal, The
2Flip Wilson
NChristopher Columbus
YUgly Baby
1Flippy T. Fishead & The Mighty Ground Beeves
1Flo & Eddie
YTibetan Memory Trick, The
1Florence Desmond
YDeepest Shelter In Town (Edit), The
1Foghorn Leghorn (Dave Berry)
YFoghorn Leghorn
1Folkel Minority, The
YFreeze A Yankee
4Fools, The
YI Shot Santa In My Underwear
YI Won't Grow Up
YLife Sucks And Then You Die
YPsycho Chicken
11Foremen, The
NAin't No Liberal
YBuilding For The Future
YDo The Clinton
YFiring The Surgeon General
YHard Time To Be A Man
YHell Froze Over Today
YLazin' In The Shade (Of The Information Superhighway)
YNo Shoes
YSend 'Em Back
NSong Of Many Deaths
YThere Ain't No Left Left
1Four Jokers/Scatman Crothers/Nevous Norvus, The
1Four Lads, The
YIstanbul (Not Constantinople)
4Four Postmen, The
YBlood Suckin' Postman
YI've Got A Tan (Like David Hasselhoff)
YRabbit Valley
YThere Are Things
1Four Preps, The
YCampus Rules
1Frank & Moon Zappa
YValley Girl (12" Version)
2Frank Crumit
YA Tale Of The Ticker
YAbdul Abulbul Amir
1Frank DeLima & Na Kolohe
NDon't Sneeze When You Eat Saimin
4Frank Gallop
YBallad Of Irving (10 Gallon), The
YBallad Of Irving (Schlepping), The
YGot A Match?
YSon Of Irving, The
1Frank Gorshin
YRiddler, The
1Frank Hayes
YStuck Here
1Frank Luther & The Century Quartet
YGay Parade, The
1Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin
YFugue For Tinhorns
1Frank Welker
NTotally Ridiculous 12 Days Of Christmas (Or, A Cat Caught In A Pear Tree), The
13Frank Zappa
YBaby Snakes
YCosmik Debris
YDisco Boy
YDon't Eat The Yellow Snow
YGoblin Girl
YJoe's Garage
YLet's Make The Water Turn Black (1985 CD Mix)
YLet's Make The Water Turn Black (Original 1968 Mix)
YMy Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
YNanook Rubs It
YPeaches En Regalia
YTitties And Beer
YWould You Go All The Way?
1Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention
YEvelyn, A Modified Dog
1Frankie Yankovic
YHow Many Burps In A Bottle Of Beer?

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