Fool's Closet
Artists & Tracks
(Dick Robertson-Elvin Bishop)
1Dick Robertson
YSingin' In The Bathtub
4Dickie Goodman
YBerlin Top Ten
YHarry's Jockstrap
YHey, E.T.
YMr. Jaws
1Dirk & Stig
YMr. Sheene
NMusic In Your Soup
1Disney (Clarence Nash)
YQuack Quack Quack Donald Duck!
1Disney (Cliff Edwards & The Hall Johnson Choir)
YWhen I See An Elephant Fly
1Disney (Dumbo Soundtrack)
YPink Elephants On Parade
1Disney (From Three Little Pigs)
NWho's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
1Disney (Maurice Chevalier)
YAristocats (Excerpt), The
1Disney (Peggy Lee)
YSiamese Cat Song, The
1Disney (Phil Harris & Scat Man Crothers)
YEv'rybody Wants To Be A Cat
1Disney (Thurl Ravenscroft)
YGrim Grinning Ghosts
YWhat I Like About Booze
1Doctor Badbreath
YStinky Breath
1Dolly Parton
YPMS Blues
1Dolores Hawkins
2Don Bowman
YGraduation Day
YHello, D.J.
1Don Charles & The Singing Dogs
YHot Dog Boogie
1Don Data & The Res-Tones
YSilicon Valley Guy
1Don Ho
YWho Was The Lolo Who Stole My Pakalolo?
1Don Ide
YThe Graveyard Shift
1Don McLean
YOn The Amazon
1Don Noon
YGeek's Revenge, The
1Don Watson
YBedroom Football
1Don White
YShameful Ballad Of Lijah, The Precocious Orchard Queen, The
1Donald Duck
YAnts Are Marching, The
YIntergalactic Laxative, The
1Doodles Weaver
YGentry's Gin
1Doodoo Wah
1Dora Bryan
YAll I Want For Christmas Is A Beatle
1Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts
YSaga Of Rex, The
1Doug Kahn
YRonald Reagan Speaks For Himself (Excerpt)
1Downloaders, The
YAnchovy Pizza
1Dr. Dave
YVanna, Pick Me A Letter
4Dr. Demento
YShaving Cream 1
YShaving Cream 2
YShaving Cream 3
YThe Land Of Counterpane
3Dr. Demento & Firesign Theatre
YFiresign Theatre Interview 1
YFiresign Theatre Interview 2
YFiresign Theatre Interview 3
1Dr. Demento & Stan Freberg
YStan Freberg Interview
2Dr. Demento W/Barnes & Barnes
YAstrology Rap
NMidnight Roam
1Dr. Demento/Jerry Samuels/Nat Schnapf
YTelephone Interview With Jerry Samuels & Nat Schnapf
1Dr. Elmo
YGrandma's Spending Christmas With The Superstars
1Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show
YFreakin' At The Freaker's Ball
1Dr. Jane Robinson
YOverflowing Catbox Blues, The
1Dr. Rock (Randy Hanzlick, M.D.)
YI'd Rather Have A Bottle In Front Of Me (Than A Frontal Lobotomy)
1Dr. West's Medicine Show And Junk Band
YEggplant That Ate Chicago, The
1Dr. Zingrr (Robert O. Smith)
YSinister Lunchmeat (Stoney Baloney)
1Drunken Slobs, The
YTen Dead Ones
3Duck Logic
YIt's A Real World (After All)
YJoe, The Love Potato
NMy Grill
3Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre
YCaffeine Zombie
YI'm Goin' Out Of My Mind
1Dudley Moore
YPsychedelic Baby
1Dudley Moron (The Bob & Tom Band)
YIt's Christmas And I Wonder Where I Am
1Duh, The
YMy Neighbor's Kids
1Duponts, The
YScreamin' Ball At Dracula Hall
1Dutch Falconi & His Twisted Orchestra
YRocket Bra Revenge
1Dweezil Zappa
YMy Mother Is A Space Cadet
1Dyzmals, The
YMutant Cows
1Eartha Kitt
YSanta Baby
1Eccentric Eric & The Gerunds
YGreat Personality
1Ed McCurdy
YTobacco Is An Indian Weed
2Ed's Redeeming Qualities
YNew Distributor Cap
1Eddie Haskell Experience, The
YPizza Girl
1Eddie Jefferson
YBenny's From Heaven
2Eddie Lawrence
YJazzy Old Philosopher, The
YOld Philosopher, The
1Eddie Mayehoff
YDelirious (From "The Recital")
2Eddie Murphy
YBoogie In Your Butt
NIce Cream Man
1Electric Bonsai Band, The
YI Am My Dad
1Elm Street Group F/Robert Englund, The
YDo The Freddy
1Elmo & Patsy
YGrandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (Original)
1Elsa Manchester
YNever Go Walking Out Without Your Hatpin
1Elton John
YHo Ho Ho (Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas)
1Elvin Bishop

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