Fool's Closet
Artists & Tracks
("Bull Moose" Jackson-Alien Van Sherman)
1"Bull Moose" Jackson W/Tiny Bradshaw's Orchestra
YBig Ten-Inch Record
1"Smiling" Louis
YTurn On Your Volume, Baby
60'Weird Al' Yankovic
Y(This Song's Just) Six Words Long
YAlternative Polka, The
YAmish Paradise
YAnother One Rides The Bus
YBedrock Anthem
YBiggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota, The
YBohemian Polka
YBrady Bunch, The
YBuckingham Blues
YCavity Search
YCheck's In The Mail, The
YChristmas At Ground Zero
YDare To Be Stupid
YDog Eat Dog
YEat It
YEverything You Know Is Wrong
YFrank's 2000-Inch TV
YGeneric Blues
YGood Old Days
YHappy Birthday
YHeadline News
YHot Rocks Polka
YI Can't Watch This
YI Lost On Jeopardy
YI Love Rocky Road
YI Think I'm A Clone Now
YI Want A New Duck
YI'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead (Demo)
YIt's Still Billy Joel To Me
YJurassic Park ("Bilingual Mix")
YLike A Surgeon
YLivin' In The Fridge
YLiving With A Hernia
YMidnight Star
YMoney For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
YMr. Frump In The Iron Lung
YMy Bologna (Capitol Records Single Version)
YNature Trail To Hell
YOne More Minute
YPhony Calls
YPolka Party!
YPolka Your Eyes Out
YSchool Cafeteria
YShe Drives Like Crazy
YSince You've Been Gone
YSlime Creatures From Outer Space
YSmells Like Nirvana
YStop Draggin' My Car Around
YStop Draggin' My Car Around (Demo)
YStuck In A Closet With Vanna White
YTrigger Happy
YWhen I Was Your Age
YYoda (Demo)
YYou Don't Love Me Anymore
1'Weird Al' Yankovic & Tress MacNeille
1'Weird Al' Yankovic & Wendy Carlos
YCarnival Of The Animals - Part Two, The
1'Weird Al' Yankovic W/Bill Scott
YGeorge Of The Jungle
12 Live Jews
YOy! It's So Humid
YThis Is Ponderous
13 Guys From Hollywood
YFrozen Embryos
15 Jones Boys, The
YMr. Ghost Goes To Town
1?Syntax Error
YI Feel Like An Onion Ring
1A Blast From The Past
NFreeway Combat
1A Cast Of Thousands
YUncle Mad Dog
1A Thousand Points Of Night
YRead My Lips
1A Touch Of Grass
NEusich, The
1Abbott And Costello
YWho's On First?
1Abe Burrows
YGirl With Three Blue Eyes, The
1Abe Lyman
NIndians Threw Rocks At Columbus, The
YBig Balls
1Ace T & The Hindenburg Ground Crew
2Adam Sandler
YLunchlady Land
YThanksgiving Song, The
YBig Ten Inch Record
1Afternoon Delights, The
YGeneral Hospi-Tale
1Al Dexter & His Troopers
YPistol Packin' Mama
1Al Roberts Jr.
YMy Gran'pappy Don't Smoke No Grass
1Al Trace & His Silly Symphonists
YI Wuv A Wabbit
1Alan & Grier
YHippity Hop
1Alan Gary & Scott Free
YDueling Rappers
1Alan O'Day
YSkinny Girls
1Alan Sanborn And The All Hallows Players
YHalloween Hysteria
2Albert Brooks
YLove Song
YRewriting The National Anthem
1Albert Brooks & Little Kristi
YA Daddy's Christmas
1Alien Van Sherman
YSmells Like Camp Granada

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